We have had 6 exhibitions since we started. They are scheduled to coincide with the release of a new issue of C'est Bon. The last ones have been based on a common theme or concept.

The first of these, Aceton (CH3COCH3), was about the destruction of the world, or the final moments before the end. The second, Polaroid, was about the rebirth, where the metal garbage that was left after the apocalypse took over and restarted life. The third was Halogen, where the theme was the body, as seen from the outside, in the glow of the halogen lamp.

The latest exhibition was C'est Bon AltCom Exhibition, where we exhibited some of Europe's alternative comic artists. Both the ones who participated in the first issue of C'est Bon Anthology and others. We tried to come up with original ways to exhibit each artwork, to create an interesting exhibition that showed that there are no limits to what can be done with as well as in the medium of sequential art.
In cooperation with the Swedish Comics Association (Seriefrämjandet), we also arranged a panel debate about alternative comics, where we invited guests from Denmark and Finland to take part in the discussion.

When we do not celebrate the release of a new issue with an exhibition, we hold release parties called C'est Bon Rendez-Vous. These are accompanied by something special, like showing our movies or live music performances.