Wormgod was born in February of 2009 from the union of Mattias Elftorp and Susanne Johansson. We both started out in C'est Bon Kultur, where we spent several years doing sequential art, exhibitions and so on. These years are a part of the process leading up to Wormgod, but we have now moved on. What we take with us is experience and a sense for storytelling (sequential or otherwise). What we add in this new form is another direction. The Wormgod will manifest into the real world in order to change it. Tear down the old to build something new from the ruins.

Wormgod will break down the boundaries between reality, academics and subculture. We want to show the beauty in the tilted and ugly, expose the audience to walls of visual noise and find the strength in the underground to grow big enough to eclipse the sun.